Tech Writing

Written instructions are an important part of any career field. Being able to write concise and accurate directions is a valuable skill and one which is often required of employees. In this exercise we will work on writing instructions for a process that you are very familiar with.
Tips for Writing Technical Instructions
<<Click here to view a sample set of instructions.

· Avoid using repetitive wording like “and then” or “next." Be sure to change the wording that you use and avoid using the two options above more than once or twice in a set of instructions.

· Use technical terms to describe the tools and materials being used. Be specific.

· Don’t assume that your reader will follow you. Be sure to explain every detail and small step.

· Add safety reminders. Tell your reader when they are performing a task that could be dangerous and what precautions they should take to be safe.

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Adding Graphics to MS Word Documents

Use the following instruction sets to add a picture, drawing object and/or image text to your Word document.

To insert a picture:
1. Go to Insert --> picture.
2. Browse to the location of the picture that you wish to insert and click Insert.
3. Click and drag the corners of the picture to adjust the size.
4. Right click on the picture and select “Text Wrapping” --> Tight to allow your text to wrap around the picture.
5. You can also click on the Picture Tools tab at the top of the Word window to adjust additional picture settings. This tab will only be visible when you have clicked on the picture.

To add drawing items to a picture:
1. Sometimes it might be helpful to add an arrow and a text box to a picture to identify something specific in the picture. To do this, first insert the picture into your Word document and then:
2. Click Insert --> Shapes and select the shape or word cloud that you want to insert.
3. Then adjust the size and location of the shape on the picture that you are editing. Like the picture tools option, a shape tools menu option will appear when you are working with the shape.

To add text to your picture:
1. Click Insert --> Text Box and select “Draw Text Box” (at the bottom of the drop down list).
2. You will now be allowed to draw a text box over the picture. After your text box is drawn, click in the box to type your text.
3. Click on the text box tools option on the menu bar to adjust the text box color, size and transparency options. To make text box background transparent, select Shape Fill --> No Fill.
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