Resumes: A Concentrated Document

The Average Motivated Hiring Manager Looks at a Resume for how long?
   a) 3 days
      b) 6 minutes
      c) 6 seconds

*correct answer: c

Student Tools:
 Using a resume template in Word
    1. Select file --> new.
    2. Notice that a new dialogue box opens. In the search bar at the top, type "resumes."
    3. Select the resume template that you would like to work with and click the Download button in the lower right-hand corner of the dialog box. Click OK if prompted.
    4. Review these tips for working with Word templates.
    5. Click the circle button (upper left-hand corner of screen) and select Save As. Enter a file name and make sure that you are saving in your My Documents folder. (The default location.)
    6. Begin entering your information into the template. Keep in mind that many resume templates use tables so you may need to add or delete rows to get the look you are looking for. See tips for how to do this. You can also use Word's online help. Press F1 or click the Help button to access this feature.

Resume Examples & Templates:
  1. Below, click the arrow beside the name of the resume document to download that template as a Word document.person holds a resume in front of a laptop 
  2. Once the document opens, click "Save As" to save that resume into your "My Documents" folder. Be sure to re-name the document.
  3. Change the information contained in the example into your own information (from your resume worksheet). (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Teacher Tools:

Helpful Web Links:

Middlebury College Center for Careers and Internships "Core Professional Competencies":

14 Tips for a Rockstar Resume from Glassdoor:

TC PBGR Rubric/Assessment Expression/ Communication

Resume rubric (Five Scale)

PBGR Simple Rubric for all Portfolio Assessment:

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