Cover Letters

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A cover letter is sometimes also called a letter of application. It is written in standard business letter format and usually used to apply for a job opening that someone reads or hears about. The best cover letters are tailored to each specific job or school that you apply to. 

However, you do not need to compose the most creative cover letter to write a very effective communication.  A four-sentence cover letter is enough.  Use the template.  Erase the bold print and replace it with language from the job posting, and/or rewrite for your purposes.  You got this! 
  • Cover letter options
  • Cover letter format
  • Cover letter criteria and rubric
  • Template for business/cover letter make a copy:

    Your Name

    123 Your Street

    Your City, ST 12345

    (123) 456-7890

    September 04, 2021

    Hiring Manager, Company Name

    123 Address St 

    Anytown, ST 12345

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I was thrilled when I found your posting for the job position title on name of site, newspaper, word of mouth where you found it.  You’ll find that my qualifications suit your needs perfectly.  There is so much about my personality and skills that match well with this job.  My time at the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center in Middlebury, VT has given me training in list some specialized training, especially if it matches information on your resume.  Because of this, I think you will find that I am an excellent candidate for this position, and could see myself succeeding with your company.

    Further, Connect your qualifications with the language of the advertisement/posting.  For example, x, y, z.

    I would love to set up an interview, or at least the opportunity to meet with you and discuss my enthusiasm for this role.  I am available for an interview at your convenience.  My school day ends at ____.  Please feel free to contact me at (802) telephone number, and this email.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

    Best regards,

    Your Name

    PAHCC, Your Program and Completion year

 Save your cover letter in your My Documents folder.
 Proofread your work paying special attention to:
  • format
  • spelling
  • capitalization
  • sentence structure (no fragments or run-on sentences; make sure any lists are parallel)
  • selling your skills. Highlight the reasons why you are the best choice for the job!

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