Career Research & Planning

Our Portfolio Workbook frames our studies with three essential questions: 
  • Who Am I?
  • What Do I Want?
  • How Do I Get It?

Who am I?/ Please Understand Me:

Personality Sorters are used in higher education, businesses, and workplaces for a range of reasons.  Personality sorters can help identify who would make the best team members (and team leaders!), roomates, class projects, etc.  Being able to speak about a "group" identity, such as personality/ or preferences helps individuals advocate for themselves while at the same time remaining professional.  

Meyers Briggs- 16 Personality Types
[Used at Middlebury College]

[Used in Mr. Atwood's Industrial Design and Fabrication class]

Kiersey Personality Types
[Used at Community College of Vermont]

What do I want? Career Plan Assignment 

Interview EdCanvas

The first step to creating a career portfolio is establishing a goal and a plan. To do this, you first need to learn a little bit about the career(s) that you are interested in. During a portfolio session Penelope Wade will work with your class to help you collect info and use it to create a plan.
Step 1: Open and save your career plan .docx
Scroll down this page to find the career plan template. Click the arrow to the right to download. Be sure to save it in your My Documents folder.

Step 2: Select a career and collect data
Use the  US Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook to locate your career and begin collecting info requested on the career plan. Information from the VT Department of Labor is available here:

Print your career plan when it is complete.

Common Problems: HELP! I can't find my career! 
First consult the resources to the right of this column. If you still can't find the info you need, ask for help!

How do I get it?- Career Exploration Assignment/ A Day in the Life

Lesson plan Pictorial Essay

Link to TED Videos:

Daniel Pink- Motivation

Amy MacLeod- Career Advice to Teenagers, "Value your values"

Highschooler Lawrence Lewars "Questions every teenager needs to be asked"

SMART Goals, Small Goals, and Knowing What I want


Where will you be in 5 years?


Education and Career Planning 



Work Ethic

General Resources for all:

Occupational Outlook Handbook:


Bridges Career Info via (Please note: you will need to create an account to access this resource.)
Resources by Program:
Medical Professions

Specific Trainings by Program:

Computer Languages Certification from My Career Tech

Graphic Design Certification from My Career Tech 

 Interesting Side Bar: A positive outlook toward your work and job can take you far.  Congratulate yourself on the research and planning you are putting into career exploration.  Here is a Business Insider article about 17 Disturbing Facts About Your Job.  


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