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Every student at the Hannaford Career Center creates a career portfolio. A portfolio is a way for you to show others what you are capable of doing; it's the evidence that can get you a job. When designing your portfolio ask yourself: 
  • What accomplishments am I the most proud of? (School work works here but so do personal projects!)
  • What do these things show about me?  (i.e., mechanical knowledge, artistic ability, empathy, hard work, etc.)
  • How can I best showcase this accomplishment and put it in context (explain it) to the reviewer?
You should be able to answer each of these questions for each project-based piece in your portfolio.

The following materials will be helpful to you as you build your portfolio:
        Sample Documents from Career Portfolio Workbook:                    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o1NBPSyFItc2DQDG93ZsQ3FU0df9oeoGJkIu6E1h8vE/edit?usp=sharing

Portfolio Examples for Design and Illustration 

Resume samples
    Culinary Arts


Portfolio Resources

Helpful Web Links: