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Technical Communications is an English class that is offered to students at the Hannaford Career Center who cannot otherwise fit in an English credit at their sending school. The course provides these students with the opportunity to closely examine their chosen fields of study, as well as the broader society in which they participate, through literature, non-fiction texts, study of the structure of the English language, and relevant writing assignments. Class activities and projects focus on helping students to develop career readiness skills, with a strong focus on effective reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Over the course of two semesters students will complete a career portfolio that they will be able to  use as they continue to pursue their educational and career goals.


Penelope K. Wade
Technical Communications Instructor

Sample Syllabus
Sample Syllabus

The average American spends 90,000 hours of a lifetime at work.  Developing skills to help you cope with coworkers, expectations, literacy, communication, work ethic, outlooks, and attitudes could be a benefit to last a lifetime.  Welcome to Technical Communications and English at the Hannaford Career Center.  It is the English you need. 





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