About Me

Instructions: On each page of your portfolio there are tips listed to get you started. Always read through the tips before you begin editing the page. Delete tip info BEFORE you publish your site.
About Me Tips:
Write an introduction letter in which you tell the reader about your accomplishments and goals for the future. This page could serve as a personal mission statement.
Mission statement = your purpose in pursuing your goals
Some important information to include:
  • Introduce the e-portfolio. Explain its purpose and give a brief overview or description of the information you have included.
  • Describe your personality and your best qualities
  • The "highlight" experience(s) of the past four years - an event(s) which helped you to make  progress toward your professional goal.extracurricular activities/work experiences
  • Specific plans for the future
  • Goals for the future
  • A clear picture of you doing something relevant to your career goal
Other info you might include:
  • A favorite quote - make sure it is appropriate, professional and positive!
  • Reference a mentor who has helped you and explain how they helped you (be specific)
  • A quote about you taken from a letter of reference. Make sure to ask permission from the writer and cite the source on the page.
Design Tips:
  • Use the Layout option on the Sites toolbar to adjust the page layout.
  • Use the Insert option to add pictures to the page. (Once pictures are added you will be given options for text wrapping and alignment.)

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